Grand Lorekeeper of the...

Complete the lorebook (People, World, and Quest) achievements in the first four acts.

A World of Pain

Complete the following achievements. Wanderer of Tristam Wanderer of Caldeum Wanderer of Arreat Wanderer of the High Heavens

Grand Beastmaster of Sa...

Read all of the beast lorebooks in Tristam, Caldeum, Arreat, and High Heavens (menu has achievement tracking).

Shut Up and Take My Mon...

Buy one of every item type from merchants (see in-game menu).


Meet the following ghosts. Lucious the Deparaved Dataminer Drury Brown John Gorham Coffin Fecklar’s Ghost The Archivist The Tomekeeper

Sword for Hire

Earn 50,000 from quest rewards.

Market Research

Meet the following wandering merchants. Wandering Tinker Rodger the Alchemist Vendel the Armorsmith Adenath the Curio Vendor Kyr the Weaponsmith Zaven the Alchemist Larra Halmin the Alchemist.

Grave Buster

Destroy 50 tombstones.